Scientific Board


Apeloa’s Scientific Advisory Board (ASAB) provides valuable scientific and strategic counsel to a wide range of functions throughout Apeloa’s businesses.  The board’s experts offer Apeloa valuable insights into strategic areas including strategic development and planning initiatives, talent acquisition and training, and advanced technology selection and implementation.  The overall goal of the Apeloa Scientific Advisory Board’s (ASAB) is help Apeloa reach the forefront of the global biomedical manufacturing industry respected for its scientific acumen and application in applied R&D, manufacturing, and support services. The Apeloa Scientific Advisory Board (ASAB) was initially composed of five high profile scientists with expertise in organic chemical synthesis, synthetic biology, biological manufacturing, biopharmaceutical engineering technology, chemical engineering, drug design and microfluidic technology.  Apeloa will continue to assess the need for a range of expertise and knowledge to help guide the company towards meeting its objectives.