Apeloa offers a full range of discovery support services including a specialization on Medicinal Chemistry or Med-chem services. With Medicinal Chemistry (Med-chem) centers of excellence located in our R&D facilities, Boston (USA), Hengdian (China) and Shanghai (China) sites, Apeloa has a proven ability to advance early-stage discovery and development of new molecules into manufacturable Starting Materials, Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). With leading edge technology, modern laboratory facilities and highly experienced scientists Apeloa CRO is a leader in contract Medicinal Chemistry Services.

Discovery Chemistry includes a wide range of scientific activities aimed at finding the next great medicine. Medicinal Chemistry also known as Med-Chem, is a critical part of Discovery. It is a scientific approach to discovering or designing new therapeutic chemicals for medical applications. Med-chem investigates the synthesis of compounds, biological activity, receptor interactions and molecular transformations to name a few parameters of interest, to define an optimal molecule for the intended purpose.  Modern Medicinal Chemistry utilizes the latest analytical and computational science, along with decades of specialized chemical and biological knowledge, to characterize and understand compounds that can become critical medicines of tomorrow.


Apeloa CDMO’s Med-Chem Services cover a full range of discovery support services.  Our integrated Discovery support services include both synthetic chemistry and Med-chem services, all with a goal of defining the molecule of choice for your new pharmaceutical product. Med-Chem aspects of discovery begin at the earliest stages and can include activities such as pharmacophore identification.  Using the latest tools and analysis technologies, Apeloa CDMO Med-Chem services supports the development and manufacture of target molecules while improving potency, selectivity physico-chemical and ADME properties to optimize and fine-tune the compound. We also support new modalities for PROTAC molecules with Apeloa CDMO’s innovative platform and integrated CRO work even through scale-up.

Five story modern R&D building located on pharmaceutical services campus in Pudong, Shanghai location China.


Apleoa CDMO has established three modern R&D facilities designed to deliver world-class discovery support services. Apeloa CDMO’s Boston (USA) R&D facility, launching in 2023, will handle the full range of Med-Chem services from the earliest stages of development through to scale-up of molecule manufacturing. Each site houses advanced analytical insturments, modern chemistry laboratories all operated by our dedicated Med-Chem services teams.

Large room filled with modern white Agilent HPLC instruments used to support medchem and discovery services at Apeloa.


Our Med-Chem service offering covers the entire spectrum of critical discovery services needed to develop optimized molecules quickly and efficiently for specific medicinal applications. With comprehensive synthetic chemistry services, Apeloa CDMO can also make your complex discovery process simpler. Some of our key Med-chem services and activities include:

  • Hit to lead
  • Library screening
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Optimization
  • Building Block (BB) Library
  • Intermediate collection
  • Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME)
  • Pharmacophore Identification
  • Scale-Up
White robotic autosampler arm shown picking up capped glass sample vials for analytical GC instrument.


Our goal is to efficiently develop highly optimized bio-active molecules. Our Med-chem scientists can perform library design and synthesis in parallel. With our high-throughput screening services, Apeloa CDMO can quickly screen for hit identification and lead discovery, validate identified hits and optimize hit-to-lead.  Lead candidates are prioritized and optimized once key interactions, model pharmacophores, binding predictions and ADME/tox properties are characterized and understood. Fully supported by analytical services, we utilize cutting edge tools like Mass-spectrometer based services to detect and quantify the active ingredient and its metabolites or biomarkers to support pharmacokinetic studies.

White R&D laboratory with scientist in white lab coat using silver lab instrument for R&D new modalities.


Our Boston (USA) R&D facility will develop new modalities. These Contract Research Organization (CRO) activities can include PROTAC molecules, and cover everything up to and including scale-up. Apeloa CDMO offers complete PROTAC platform services. Click here to read more.

Scientist in white lab coat and blue glove using controls on stainless steel control panel in CRO R&D laboratory.


Apeloa CDMO employs advanced process design strategies that explore potential synthetic routes and solvent optimization that support our integrated scale-up processes. As scale-up progresses to GMP manufacturing, Apeloa CDMO offers method development services and production-scale process validation in order to optimize yield, identify impurities and explore alternative synthesis routes. Our goal is always to develop chemical manufacturing processes that are readily scalable to any requirements.