Apeloa offers a full range of discovery support services, including a specialization in Medicinal Chemistry or Med-chem services. With Medicinal Chemistry centers of excellence in our three R&D facilities located in Boston (USA), Hengdian (China) and Shanghai (China), Apeloa has a proven ability to advance early-stage discovery and development of new molecules into manufacturable Starting Materials, Intermediates, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).


Apeloa CRO’s Med-Chem capabilities cover a full range of discovery support services, starting with target validation, hit screening, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization. Using the latest tools and analysis technologies, Apeloa CRO’s Med-Chem services improve potency, selectivity, physico-chemical and ADME properties through optimizing and fine-tuning the compound of choice. We also support new therapeutic approaches such as TPD/PROTACs with Apeloa’s innovative platform and integrated CRO work.

Large room filled with modern white Agilent HPLC instruments used to support medchem and discovery services at Apeloa.


Our Med-Chem service offering covers the entire spectrum of critical discovery services needed to develop optimized molecules quickly and efficiently for specific medicinal applications. Some of our key Med-chem services and activities include:

  • Hit to lead
  • Library screening
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Optimization
  • Building Block (BB) Library
  • Intermediate collection
  • Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion(ADME)
  • Pharmacophore Identification
  • Scale-Up
Five story modern R&D building located on pharmaceutical services campus in Pudong, Shanghai location China.


Apleoa CDMO has established three modern R&D facilities designed to deliver world-class discovery support services. Apeloa CRO’s Boston (USA) R&D facility, launching in 2023, together with our Shanghai and Hengdian teams, will handle the full range of chemistry services from the earliest stages of med-chem modification to potential GMP scale-up of the molecule.

White robotic autosampler arm shown picking up capped glass sample vials for analytical GC instrument.


Our goal is to efficiently develop highly bio-active molecules. Our Med-chem scientists can perform parallel/matrix library design and synthesis for hit identification and validation. Lead candidates are prioritized and optimized through analysis of key interactions, model pharmacophores, binding predictions and ADME/tox properties. Fully supported by analytical services, we utilize cutting edge tools like Mass-spectrometer-based services to detect and quantify the active ingredient and its metabolites/biomarkers to support pharmacokinetic studies.

White R&D laboratory with scientist in white lab coat using silver lab instrument for R&D new modalities.


Apeloa’s team has a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical instruments to provide a full spectrum of services. Please see our analytical page for more details on available instruments. We are building expanded SFC separation capability at our Shanghai R&D center and our ADME service is currently supported by our Hengdian China R&D center.

Scientist in white lab coat and blue glove using controls on stainless steel control panel in CRO R&D laboratory.


When a customer begins the project with us at an early discovery stage, we will have key intermediates, marked impurity and technical know-how applied. This will greatly accelerate the tech-package transfer process to late development and manufacturing stages, which will save significant cost and time for the benefit of our customer. Apeloa is a leader in manufacturing in China and have the capability of offering a one-stop chemistry service, it’s beneficial for customers to being the project with our discovery chemistry service and then seamlessly tech transfer to scaled manufacturing.