Apeloa’s early discovery services include a focus on ADME and Early Drug Discovery analytical services, fully supported by comprehensive analytical capabilities. ADME is of particular importance in drug discovery as it helps define the activity of a drug in the body with regard to drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Having strong analytical capabilities that can rapidly analyze candidate molecules can help accelerate their early development programs. Apeloa CDMO’s comprehensive ADME capabilities are leveraged in combination with its extensive analytical testing capacity to quickly determine ideal targets for further development with confidence.

ADME Services

Apeloa CDMO provides comprehensive Early Drug Discovery services. These services include ADME studies supported by in-house analytical services capabilities.

ADME services include:

  • LogD / Solubility (HT/SSF): Measures drug distribution under different pH values.
  • Permeability (PAMPA): Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay – used as an in-vitro model of passive transcellular permeation over a large pH range.
  • Stability: Including chemical stability, liver-microsome stability, and plasma stability.
  • CYP-TDI/PPB: CYP enzyme analysis with time dependent interval and Plasma Protein Binding analysis for metabolism measures.
    • CYP-TDI CytoChrome p450 analysis of time dependent inhibition measures change in potency after an in-vitro incubation.
    • Plasma Protein Binding (PPB) gives insight to the drug interactions with plasma proteins, impacting dosing considerations.

Analytical Support for ADME Studies

Comprehensive analytical services performed by highly experienced scientists are critical for the early development of any new candidate molecule. The ability to develop accurate and reliable study data through robust analytical testing can direct scientists to the most appropriate options for further development and investment. Apeloa also has an Early Drug Discovery (EDD) lab to support standard EDD stage services, as well as reserved instruments to specifically meet EDD analytical and ADME needs, such as SFC for chiral separation. Apeloa supports early analytical development as well with our advanced Apeloa Analytical Test Center (AATC).

Some of the specialized capabilities offered include:

  • Structure characterization & verification
  • Chiral Separation, including SFC separation
  • Analytical method development for impurities (genotoxic & elemental)